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Graduate Students

Name Major Resume Presentation Poster Seeking Requires Visa Sponsorship
Achyuthkumar Addepalli SanathMS-Industrial Design, 2017Website / LinkedInPresentationFull TimeYes
Meeshu AgnihotriMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePosterInternshipYes
Sharon AngMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Pedro ArevaloMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Alexandra BeallMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
Jack BordoniMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Brooke Bosley MS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Brendan CecereMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Victoria ChaiMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Shao-yu ChenMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterFull TimeNo
Xiaowei ChenMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Yunnuo ChengMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Samuel ChengMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Cheryl CheongMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
David ChiangMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Mandy ChuMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
John CrispMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Joshua CrispMS-Industrial Design, 2018WebsiteFull TimeNo
Shruti DalviMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Aditi DharMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePosterFull TimeYes
Wangshu DingMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipYes
Lu DongMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Stephanie DykesMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePosterInternshipNo
Caroline FosterMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Gayatri GaekwadMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipYes
Amit GargMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Abby GolfoMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Akansha GuptaMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Yiwei HaoMS-HCI, 2017LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Kristin HareMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Chandan HebbaleMS-Industrial Design, 2017Website / LinkedInFull TimeNo
Elizabeth HillMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Annick HuberMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Azalea IraniMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Aparna IyerMS-Industrial Design, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Sumeet JainMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Andy JinMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Catherine JohnsonMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePosterFull TimeNo
Steve JonesMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInFull TimeNo
Rohan KatyalMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Katherine KennaMS-Industrial Design, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Philippe Kimura-thollanderMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
John KohMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Ryan KreppsMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Udaya LakshmiMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Geunbae LeeMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipYes
Sharon LeeMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Rachel LeroyMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Xinyu LiMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Xiongxin LiMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Tica LinMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Zhangyan LingMS-Industrial Design, 2018WebsiteResumePresentationInternshipYes
Shuli LiuMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeYes
Yichi (lyric) LiuMS-DM, 2018WebsiteResumePresentationInternshipYes
Christina LucasMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Vikas LuthraMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipYes
Yiran MaMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
Shambhavi MahajanMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Pierce McbrideMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePosterInternshipNo
Ryan McdonnellMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Ryan McmanusMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Meghana MelkoteMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Ruichen MengMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Rachel MilesMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Mariah MillsMS-Industrial Design, 2018LinkedInInternshipNo
Aakanksha MirdhaMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Jayanth Mohana KrishnaMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Joshua MooreMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Jordan MovishMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Qiaochu MuMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInPresentationInternshipYes
Brian MyagmarjavMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInFull TimeYes
Lorina NavarroMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInFull TimeNo
Kriti NelavelliMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Trinh NguyenMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Morgan OrangiMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Mehmet OrduMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipYes
Diego OsorioMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
Akhil OswalMS-Industrial Design, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Oriana OttMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInFull TimeNo
Nishant PanchalMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Devon PeetMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Takara PortisMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePosterFull TimeNo
Noah PosnerMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Yiming PuMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Tara RamananMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeYes
Mahesh Ramesh KumarMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Lakshmi Ravindra BabuMS-HCI, 2017WebsiteFull TimeYes
Phillip RobertsMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Heather RobertsMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Jian RuanMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
Hayden RussellMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Ayshwarya SaktheeswaranMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Laurane SaliouMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Logan SandMS-DM, 2017WebsiteResumeFull TimeNo
Becky ScheelMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Samyukta SherugarMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Dan SingerMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePosterFull TimeNo
Sahib SinghMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Ho Ryun SongMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Di SunMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInFull TimeYes
Vedant Das SwainMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipYes
Muchao TangMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Felix TenerMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Test TestMS-HCI, 2018InternshipNo
Eric ThompsonMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipNo
Nicholas TippensMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePosterInternshipNo
Jessica TsuiMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumeInternshipNo
Reema UpadhyayaMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterFull TimeYes
Nick VernonMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
Anandghan WaghmareMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipYes
Bradlyn WalkerMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationPosterInternshipNo
Wesley WangMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Kaiwei WangMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePosterInternshipYes
Shuyi WangMS-Industrial Design, 2017Website / LinkedInFull TimeYes
Xiaoxuan WangMS-HCI, 2017LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Zixuan WangMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Laurel WarrellMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Sam WeillerMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumePresentationFull TimeNo
Zhonghe WenMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInInternshipNo
Kristan WoolfordMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeNo
Sally XiaMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Yajing YangMS-DM, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Shuhan YangMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInPresentationInternshipNo
Dong Whi YooMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes
Haochen ZhangMS-DM, 2017WebsiteResumeFull TimeYes
Xiaoxue ZhangMS-DM, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Xue ZhaoMS-Industrial Design, 2017WebsiteResumeFull TimeYes
Yiwen ZhaoMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Chendong ZhengMS-HCI, 2017Website / LinkedInResumeFull TimeYes
Linlu ZhouMS-HCI, 2018Website / LinkedInResumePresentationInternshipYes


ADPSally Cohen Sr. Director, User Experience
AKQAThad Goad Creative Director
AKQAKim Nguyen UX Director
AmazonJared Caldwell UX Designer
AT&TMark Jacobson User Experience Researcher
AT&TBob King Principal UX Researcher
AT&TE-lee Chang Ux Architect
AT&T Camille Burney UX Researcher
AT&TJennifer Bowie User Experience Researcher
AT&TSharon Carter Principal User Experience Researcher
Axis Group, LLCSperos Kokenes Senior Solutions Architect
Axis Group, LLCScott Reedy Principal
BackbaseJonathan Whiteside UX Consultant
BackBaseMarc Corbett UX Consultant
BCAJeff Kamin Jeff Kamin
Bex UXRebecca Rusk Chief Experience Officer
BexUXErnest Son UX Designer
Big Nerd RanchDesiree Johnson Mobile UX/UI Designer
Big Nerd RanchDavid Greenhalgh Software Developer & Internship Coordinator
BlackbaudHannah Fellers User Experience (UX) Designer Internship
Capital OneBlake Day Senior Recruiter, HR
Capital OneMegan Hamilton Design Associate
CDCJanet Fath Lead Public Health Analyst
Choice Technology GroupKrissy Hoadley Senior Tech Recruiter
Choice Technology GroupRob Suchy President
Coca-ColaBrooke Roberts UX & Digital Consultant
CoxPilar Plata UX Manager
Cox CommunicationsKelsey Snavely Sr Manager, User Experience Design
Cox CommunicationsSandy Aguero UX Designer
Cox CommunicationsStephen Cavallaro Analyst
Cox CommunicationsTom Holzman Senior Director, User Experience
Cox Media GroupTraci Schoenberg Director, Audience Engagement - Technology
Cox Media GroupJason Munson Sr. Director, Product Development
Cox Media GroupPreeti Shrivastav Product Manager
DraperKelly Sprehn Sr. HCI Engineer
ElavonGary Zhou UX Designer
ElavonVijeta Belandor UX Designer
ElavonRobbie Beers UI/UX Lead
ElavonChris Ernst UX Designer
Facebook Ryan Biega University Recruiter, Design
FieldJenny Sun Director of User Experience
FjordKathleen Gannon Senior Campus Recruiter
FjordSundy Grubel Senior Design Director
FjordRujuta Apte Rujuta Apte
FjordCharmant Tan Interaction Designer
GamesThatWorkDov Jacobson Managing Director
Georgia State UniversityDavid Pham student
Georgia Technology AuthorityKendra Skeene Director of Product
GeorgiaGovNikhil Deshpande Director
GoogleLucas Pettinati Director of User Experience
Hearst Autos Oscar Martinez UX Lead
Hearst AutosJennifer Damis UX Research Manager
Home DepotCliff Sexton Director of Enterprise User Experience
HoneywellAndrew Duca Engineering Director: IIoT Solutions
HugeJonathan Garner Senior Recruiter
HumanLogicKaren Donoghue Principal
IBMAlly Hwang Ally Hwang
IBMJordan Powell Jordan Powell
IBMNatalie Caudell Software Visual Designer
IndependentMarusa Debrini Experience Strategy & Design Consultant
Ionic SecurityKlemens Wengert Director of UX
IpswitchAimee Murphy Senior UX Researcher
IsobarColt Whittall VP
Johnson Outdoors, Inc.Scott Harrington Industrial Design Manager
Juice AnalyticsJames Lytle Design Lead
LexisNexisGaurav Mehra Director of Strategic UX and Product Design
MacquariumSherra Bell Recruiter
MagicJack for BusinessBrett Curtis Director of UX and Design
MailChimpFederico Holgado Product Manager
MailChimpAynn Collins Director, Talent Strategy
MailChimpJenna Crisp Senior Talent Scout
MailChimpEric Toledo Director Design Operations
MailChimpJacquelyn Frey Design Project Manager
Mendez and Standish SolutionsLinnea Ronald cialis generic
Moody GlobalCandra Garrett Enterprise UX Designer
MoxieBeth Godfrey UX Architect
MoxieDanny Muller Senior User Experience Architect
MoxieLa Schaffer UX Architect
N4MDJames Harris James Harris
NCRKwan Lee Mnager/User Center Design
New NotionCynthia Morneweck Principal/Founder
Newell BrandsSean Gerety UX Architect & UX Headquarters Doug Brams UX Lead
priywtpoYuoyetti Pirryoti Cheap goods
Quite NimbleErica Newcomb Founder
RentpathFiona Wang Product Designer
RentPathCharles Bythewood Corporate Recruiter
RoadieJustin Ratcliffe Lead UX Designer
Roadie, Inc.Mary Frances Jones Head of Product & Design
rpwyuutuTttyeepi Ruiiiiyp Cheap goods
rpwyuutuTttyeepi Ruiiiiyp Cheap goods
SalesforceKathy Baxter Principal User Researcher
SalesforceKristen Muramoto Senior Product Designer
Sandia National LaboratoriesHannah Glazebrook UX Designer/Front End Developer
Second StorySydney Blount Experience Designer
Second StoryMudit Gupta Technologist
Spark Corps Allie Miller Program Manager
Sparks GroveTanisha Wagh UX Designer
Sparks GroveVanessa Rood Director of User Experience
Sparks Grove / North HighlandDc Washington Senior Recruiter
SSB BART GroupBill Curtis-davidson Sr Director, Accessibility Policy & Program Services
standard flagsAlex Martin operations manager
Starfire Design StudioNicolas Visbal Intern
State FarmRyan Discher UX Manager - State Farm Digital
State FarmPatti Carlson Patti Carlson
State FarmDarryl Prince Sr. UX Architect
State FarmBrett Howard Digital Experience Architect
State FarmTaylor Anderson Research Manager
State FarmRalph Cullen Manager - User Experience Research
State FarmRachael Fulcher College Relations Recruiter
State Farm Insurance CompaniesAmanda Surprenant Manager -- User Experience Research
StoryMinersMike Wittenstein Founder/Managing Partner
SunTrustJikin Shah Senior VP, Head of Business Accelerator, Head of OMNI Sales and Services Technology
SyncKarissa Buckner Recruiter
TEKsystemsAshley Neavin Recruiter
testTest Test Test Test
The Coca-Cola CompanyBilal Hatim Information Designer
The Home Depot Matt Beamish Sr UX Recruiter
The Home DepotSean Zimmerman Sr. Manager UX
The Home DepotJenni Jacot Interaction Designer
The Home DepotJiasheng He User Experience
The Home DepotAndrea Lau User Experience Designer
The Home DepotAlex Duncan User Experience Designer
The Home DepotBill Hughey Enterprise UX manager
THRIVEJasmine Hentschel UX Designer
TSYSKrista Kostuch Director of UX
TSYSMaggie Reilly Senior UX Architext
TurnerVanessa Borras-patino Vanessa Borras-patino
tuuitropOpiywypy Opetouwt Cheap goods
User InsightJeff Lindsay Researcher/Strategist
User InsightShaw Strothers Lead UX Researcher/Architect
User InsightJessica Lewis UX Designer
WorldpayJoe Kleinwaechter Vice President, Innovation & Design
WorldpayChristian Sabyan Sr. UX Designer
Worldpay Sharon Carter Sr. Director User Experience
WorldpayBill Greve Bill Greve


Rosa ArriagaResearch Scientist - Interactive Computing
Mark BraunsteinProfessor of the Practice - Interactive Computing
Richard CatramboneProfessor - Psychology
Ellen Yi-luen DoProfessor - ID & IC
Keith EdwardsDirector - GVU
Jim FoleyProf - IC/CoC
Ivory Miller -
Krista PalmerResearch Scientist - GTRI
Chandler PriceResearch Scientist - Georgia Tech Research Institute
Troy WhyteAcademic Advisor II - School of Industrial Design